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About Us

Discover the pure taste of nature
with A & A Honey Co.!

At A & A Honey Co., our passion for honey production runs deep. As local beekeepers from Redlands CA, we take immense pride in our craft and want to share the goodness of our locally sourced organic honey with you! 

From start to finish, our process is rooted in authenticity and compassion. We carefully tend to our hives, ensuring that our bees thrive in a natural and sustainable environment. By doing so, we're able to bring you the purest and most delicious honey straight from our hives to your table. 


Our Story

Supporting A & A Honey Co. means supporting a family legacy. As a family-owned business, we've dedicated ourselves to preserving the traditions and values of beekeeping. By choosing our honey, you're not just getting a jar of sweetness; you're becoming a part of our family. 

So why settle for just any honey when you can experience the authentic and wholesome flavors of A&A Honey Co.? Join us on this journey of taste and tradition and let us bring a touch of nature's sweetness to your life.

Meet The Team

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